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If you are a local, state or federal entity in need of volunteer assistance in the aftermath of a disaster related event, the Disaster Response Alliance's (DRA) skilled volunteers are ready to respond. The DRA maintains a single, national database of skilled volunteers willing to assist with response and recovery activities. These activities include post-disaster safety assessments, rapid safety assessments, detailed safety assessments, other building damage assessments, inspections and other code-related functions in the aftermath of a disaster. Please fill out the form below and the DRA will respond within two business days. 

The DRA has not vetted any of the volunteers as far as credentials or competency. The Disaster Response Alliance (DRA) (including without limitation the International Code Council and the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations) and their subsidiaries, affiliates, agents and employees disclaim any and all liability for any damages and/or harm to persons and/or property as a result of or by reason of an act or omission by any person in facilitating and/or participating in this relief effort.

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