Welcome to the Disaster Response Alliance (DRA) volunteer system. Please register if you’re interested in serving as a DRA volunteer to assist a local, state or federal entity who needs skilled, trained and certified building safety professionals in the aftermath of a disaster. Read our volunteer requirements here.

Register to Volunteer

If you would like to volunteer and are in need of a certification or additional training, the DRA has provided information on our Get Training page. 

New to volunteering? Here are some volunteer guidelines to keep in mind.

Please note that the DRA database is a self-reporting system used to track individuals willing to participate in post-disaster building damage assessments and inspections of structures as well as other code-related functions. Contact information contained within this database will be shared with local, state and federal entities requesting post-disaster assistance on an as-requested basis. The DRA will utilize contact information contained within the database to disseminate information relevant to DRA volunteers such as activation notices and other official communications. Please read our liability disclaimer.

Volunteers can log in to the registration page to update contact, licensure and certification information.